Saturday, 19 April 2014

Review : The Harry Hill Movie

The Harry Hill Movie - Yes, Harry Hill's made a film. And not just any film that's absolutely bonkers, basically It's a story of two brothers. One raised by his Nan, and the other raised in the wild and forged into becoming an evil mastermind who plans to seize a pet hamster, and Harry's been told his pet Hamster he has a week to live by the vet. So he and his Nan set off on a road trip with their hamster and that's when all the madness starts.

I do have to say, when going into The Harry Hill Movie, I had an idea from the plot before the film had even started that it was not going to be good. It wasn't really good, It wasn't totally bad either it was okay. It's an okay-ish movie. Not for everyone, but It does feel like a proper movie and to be fair it is The Harry Hill Movie, it's very him. The script is so cleverly well written, and directed in such a way that only can be told in a comedic style of fashion.

You got Julie Walters playing the Nan, which brings back to my point of it being a proper movie. A star like Julie Walters in a film as bonkers as this, yeah you know it means business with Julie Walters, I think looking back on it I think Julie's performance, is very good.

As far story is concerned and delivering the laughs, the two send to come in hand and hand, the story is all right where as delivering the laughs is a bit more touch and go and more mediocre. The humour is very hit and miss. So it's hard to tell when to laugh and when not to, I mean the entire premise of this film is completely barking mad so I can't really understand it in that point of context.

For me, This film wasn't all that great. I rather thought that the story would be better than what the trailers made out and thought there was a lot more to the plot, wither we were to expect something extra or whatever. It seemed to be a bit of a let down.

Filled with a complete British cast, doing daft things. I'm not all that fussed because I don't take it so seriously. 5/10

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