Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Review : Space Jam

A comedy which involves human interaction with animated characters, as superstar Michael Jordan teams up to with the Looney Toons to help them win a basketball game against alien slavers to determine their freedom.

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Hope you've all had a good week, sorry I haven't been blogging as frequently as I'd hoped. But I am back on now, and reviews are going to be happening more frequently through out the course of this month, and possibly throughout next month to if we're lucky.

So today, I'm going to very quickly look at Space Jam, no need to go into any specific detail about this one. Just a brief summary of what it's about and is it good or bad. I thought I'd review this film because I have seen it fairly recently, it was a film I've always liked growing up and more to the point It's human interaction with cartoon characters, what more is there to be expected.

So the premise of this film is that the Looney Toones are in trouble because some evil alien overlords have stolen the talent of some professional basketball players in order to win a basketball game against them, if the overlords win, they turn the world into their new amusement park.  The Voice of the main villain is Danny DaVito who gives off a wonderful performance and makes the character believable that the character he's playing is not a nice guy and has aspirations of greed and is a go getter, and sets out to achieve bigger and better every time and thoroughly believes that 'The customer is always right'.

So the Looney Toones seek the help of Michael Jordan, and none of the iconic characters are missed out there all there. Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tazmainian Devil. there all there, and they interact well into the plot well and most of all co-ordinate to what Michael Jordan is doing, that's not an easy thing to do if I might add.

My main thing with this film is how well the charters the animated ones, correspond to Michael Jordan and what he is doing. Which just goes to show, the animation is fantastic as is the animators themselves. So what this film does for me is the demonstrates the diversities of its surroundings and how real people interact with those of a fictional word which are very real in the film.

It's a very funny movie, I know it's a comedy and laughs are expected, but I really thought everything clicked as far as the comedy side of it was concerned, the jokes, delivering the laughs, do those laughs work, because it could all fall apart but it doesn't and that's what counts.

In conclusion, this is a family film, to be enjoyed by families and kids a like. All of which I have no doubt will enjoy watching this film, from every last detail, story, characters, music, directing etc. 6/10

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