Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Review : Locke

Locke : A story in which a man takes a long car journey to correct a mistake he made before hand, that's come back to haunt him. He must drive to London and at the same time maintain business to schedule, he puts his family and job on the line for some woman, he doesn't know very well.

Tom Hardy plays welsh construction builder Ivan Locke who after a long day at work gets in his car and drives to London to correct a mistake he made before, It means risking his job, his family and his reputation but at least he believes he is doing what is right.

What's entreating about this is it's just Tom in a car driving on the motorway, and he's exchanging conversation between different people on the phone. It really is terrific, the fact that you have something as simple as that be turned upside down and actually be about something other than boring.

There's no live action, there's no physicality. It's just dialogue stripped down to the core and played as it is.

What's good about it and what sells it for me, is Tom Hardy. Tom's great in because what Tom's able to do with his face and his eyes really over power the audience and he sells it on his emotion. So emotionally I connected with him well, The problems he was contemplating, he had a really good north accent.

He was driving up from Manchester to London, to risk everything for a woman who doesn't know very well who's having a baby and he has to be there because no one else can be. But at the same time he has to maintain his work and keep a business plan to schedule that means talking to his friend and his boss about keeping to that.

I just feel it's different and it brings everything to life. In between, Tom talks to his dad and we learn about the problems he had with his dad and we enter into a very dark and morbid relationship and what it was like, its almost as if a door is being opened and then it's slammed shut.

It all comes together towards the end, the only thing for me was. It's all good and is coherent as a story, however it doesn't really work quite so well in film structure. It would work I think better as a TV Series.

It's still good drama wise, and it's more suttel than an action movie. A very good watch 7/10.

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