Thursday, 10 April 2014

Review : The Monuments Men

The Monuments Men is about an unlikely group of World War II scouts who's task is to rescue a load of intriguing art masterpieces from some nasty Nazi thieves and return them to their owners. Together a whole load of interesting and famous famous come together to form The Monuments Men.

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Today on the blog, I am reviewing The Monuments Men released back in February this year. This is a story of unlikely happenstance events which take place back in World War 2 and unlike other spectacles of that part in history that stand out, this was considered to be familiar, that some soldiers would retreat and appointed tasks to retrieve stolen goods such as art, from the Nazi opposition who have stolen it. It's sort of like a take back, and this film is a throw back in terms of showing the audience moments such as this. I mean the film is based of a true story, which means there must be some fact in the film.

I'm impressed with all the names and famous faces seen from within this film, all of which are all playing such good character and are all so well played. I thought George Clooney was really good. I thought Matt Damon was very good, I thought Bill Murray was really good. This film is exceedingly well cast, there's not a bad member in the cast in this, sure we can visualise what if other actors were in, and what sort of job they would have done. But for me, the quality of control in the actors presence is great.

I don't tend to like films featuring George Clooney, he's not always a very interesting person to watch on screen, but watching that scene between him and Matt Damon, it's just a well acted scene and so professionally done, from down to the last detail, the lighting, the sound, the quality of control. I was very impressed, it made me think 'well maybe I should cut George Clooney some slack, because he's shown me that he can be good' in contrast to that, he has shown me in the past that he can be very bad. which relates back to my previous statement about him not always being a very interesting actor.

So as far as how historically accurate the film is concerned, It is very factual. It's also very comedic and very serious. It's the balance of fact, comedy and seriousness that the film thrives on, in how it chooses to entertain it's audience. I think coming from a person point of view of opinion, I've seen films like this that tend to achieve this and fail. Monuments Men doesn't fail at keeping those levels up. What it does fail at is keeping the pace going and keeping me interested.

The film is 118 minutes, sadly it drags out. A lot, for me the pacing of it was slow in order to concertate on the perplexity of the actors doing their bit. I did get board watching it which just goes to show how crustal the directing is and the putting together is, timing is impeccable.

As much as I was impressed by the cast, the acting, the lighting, the music, the historical accuracy in the set, costume and in the story. It's a bit of dire film really. In my opinion George Clooney should stick to acting - 5/10.

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