Friday, 2 May 2014

Review : Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad : (TV Series : 2008 - 2013) When Former ex Chemistry Teacher Walter White gets diagnosed with lung cancer he feels the need to provide what he can for his family before he dies, so he teams up with ex pupil Jesse Pinkman to cook the purest most profitable crystal meth ever seen in a long time, it is then a legend is born.

Hey everyone

Welcome to my latest review which is Breaking Bad, my first television series I have reviewed on this blog, and for purposes to do with the show, I thought I'd write the whole of this review in blue, because the product that Walt and Jesse cook together is blue, it only makes sense when you watch the programme.

What a show it is. I've just watched all the episodes over Easter, and my god. It was fantastic, I was hooked from start to finish it was seriously one of the best box sets I've ever watched. The stories, The Characters, The grit of it is just brilliant. I don't even need to recommend it because all of my friends have taken the initiative upon themselves to watch it.

I haven't met anyone who hasn't watched Breaking Bad and hated, there's something about the series as a whole and Walt and Jesse's relationship that people have taken into heart and account. The acting is excellent, there isn't one bad member of the cast in it. 

You got Walter White, Chemistry teacher and The Great Hiesenburg played to perfection by Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman was superb, Anna Gunn as Walt's annoying wife Skiler was great, Dean Norris is Hank Walt's DEA Agent Brother in Law who's married to Marrie played by Betsy Brandt, RJ Mitte plays Walt and Skiler's son Walter Jr who is diasbled which I can't actually tell if he's actually disabled if he isn't and it was all an act it's very convincing. 

Everyone coming into be in Breaking Bad is just super, Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman 'Better Call Saul'. Johnathan Banks as Mike, Giancarlo Esposito as Gustavo Fring. There's not a bad member of the main cast in it.

Most of these actors, are people I am unaware of. I'd never seen them in anything else before. It was a joy to watch them act and not only act but act in a serious thrilling drama like this. It was great to see Aaron Paul develop from where he started off to what he's become now, he's now a movie star thanks to this show. It gives me time to appreciate Bryan Cranston, and the professional he is. This show has it's beverages which benefits all of us in our own way when we watch it.

It was immense 6 non stop series, that I couldn't stop watching. Breaking Bad dares to achieve more than good, it dares to amaze it's audience having a man who is on the edge from being a normal boring chemistry teacher to a drug lord criminal. All because he is threatened by a life threatening disease.

The directing and perseverance and thought process that went into this show, really is super. It's a piece of television that has so much thought and effort put into it, and whatever the shot is. Its always shot like that for a reason, so there's meaning in every second of it. You have to be on the ball with it, because this is a show that doesn't muck about.

It's intensely graphically violent, the seriousness of death and killing that's in this is really quite shocking. I know some people are against the violent content, but I personally don't mind it if it has a meaning for being there. And in the case of Breaking Bad it does.

My only concern is that after a while, it's success will be it's downfall. Will people just hang up their coats one day and say 'a bit over rated' and leave it at that? I hope not because it's a show which is really exciting thrilling, that never boars and nearly ticks all the boxes. nearly, but still excellent 9/10.

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