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Review : Shrek 3

Shrek 3 : Shrek and Fiona are attempting to adapt to life as part of a royal family, but it's in Shrek's ogre nature not to  do that and he feels uncomfortable with the prospect of one day becoming King, so in order to dodge that problem he decides to go off and find a young boy called Arthur who he hopes will take his place.

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I continue my reviews of the Shrek films. So just a quick re cap from where we left off, in the first film Shrek had to go on a journey to rescue a princess, In the second film he went on a journey of his own and relaised the importance of how much Fiona means to him, and so in the Third one you could say him going on another journey makes him realise something else. That's what I love about the Shrek films, in every film he learns something new every film.

  • In the first film, he learns to love.
  • In the second film, he learns the importance of the life he has with Fiona.
  • In the third film, he learns the responsibility and preparation for starting a family, as well as embarking on another journey of his own.
Now there's been a bit of a mixed opinion about this series. It's very much like a Marmite Movie. You either love it or you hate it. The Critics obviously had their bit to say how this film doesn't add up or come close to topping what the other two films did, and you'd be right to think that. But you'd also be wrong to think that this film fails on every possible level. I don't think this film is a flop, far from it. It's just as good as the other two, as an enjoyable as the other two and yeah the scale doesn't quite match up, but it's better than the fourth one.

I think that this film demonstrates an excellent contrast which contradicts everything about all classic fairy tales in a good way, rather then go all traditional The Handsome Prince is the villain. The Ogre is the hero and its classic villains getting their own back and joining forces to take up some sort of uprising. Because Charming offers them a choice, either join me and fight with me or stay here and be depressed in this old pub. It's all leads back to and is about an ego of Charming getting back at Shrek because it was Shrek that made is life a living hell.

As far as delivering the laughs were concerned, I thought that this film was very funny it was playful comedy which communicates well with children in some cases better than the other two films, and in other cases is just unnecessary and stupid. So it's a mixture of the two.

Negatives, I think there was the odd modern culture references in their which therefore drag it down in terms of it's period feel and not to mention the action that is received.

There is one scene towards the end where the sun can be interpreted as coming from the front right (shadows top left to bottom right)(it's a long-distance shot of Far Far Away either as the women or the animals approach). However at the top left you can see a full moon - it should be crescent.

The place where Shrek knights the man appears in Shrek 2, when Fiona is looking for Shrek after she turns into a human. Only problem is, in Shrek 2, the window above the stairs was a regular window. In this movie, it's a stained glass window.

I Also the question of why would Prince Charming send Captain Hook to to kill Shrek if he wanted him to appear in his show?

So minor criticisms which are a bit of a gripe with this film, but it's equally as enjoyable as the other two and definitely worth a watch if you haven't seen it. 6/10

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