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Review : Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 : It took PIXAR eleven years, but they got there in the end. It's the conclusion we've all been waiting for. I have to say that there was high expectations to be met with Toy Story 3 and as far as I'm concerned they were met. It's nearly perfect, however what is is PIXAR's take on 'The Great Escape'.

Hello Film Lovers.

Hope your enjoying the bank holiday, just sit back relax and enjoy whatever it is your doing. In today's review, I will reviewing Toy Story 3. The one which raps up everything to do with the other two films and has its own story to do that, so you got a film which tells its own story but has the responsibility of drawing things to a conclusion that people are going to be happy with. I should say the ending to this, is a good ending. PIXAR got it right, It may not be the ending you'd expect. But it is a good ending.

The gap in between which these films were made is mad. I mean let's examine the dates of which the films were released :
  • Toy Story 1 - 1995
  • Toy Story 2 - 1999
  • Toy Story 3 - 2010
It's taken PIXAR eleven years to come up with the goods, and so the expectations and questions towards would there be a third film were raised. When it was finally announced there was going to be a third film, the public reaction was immense, I for one was thrilled by the fact that after so long and such a long time not knowing that finally I was going to hopefully get the answer I was expecting, sadly I didn't, but I wasn't disappointed or disheartened because I thought the film was done so well.

The story itself, is about Andy's being all grown up, he's moving on to college and everything has changed drastically. Woody, Buzz, Jesse, Bulls Eye, Rex, Ham, Slinky, Mr and Mrs Potato Head and the Three LGM's are the only toys left and it's left debatable about what is next for them.

It seems to be the end of an era, and within this group of the toys that are left you do get a message of togetherness and the importance of staying together in fact its said in the film that the group are refered to as a family, and stay together. So it's nice that this message of importance is shown, as it develops the importance of these characters to the audience again.

I thought that the conclusion to the second film, if that had been the conclusion, I wouldn't of been overly satisfied. However what Toy Story 3 does so well  is it builds up the tension to tie in with the great ending it has. It may not be the ending one would expect, but it is a good ending, it has a good element of surprise.

The overall premise of this is PIXAR's take on The Great Escape, It's very established proposal one we are all familiar with, and know works well. In the case of Toy Story 3 it's about the toys escaping from a day care centre in order to be reunited with Andy again. Stopping them is Lotso, a cuddly bear who is everything but cuddly. He is not a very nice character, he's an angry character who thinks that all toys are rubbish waiting to be thrown away and is very bitter due to a previous experience of disappointment.

But the chemistry between the toys that are left, and Woody's importance never shys away from the story. And It's just such a courageous story which rounds everything up nicely and accordingly. It is a good ending. Overall I'll give it a  9/10.

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