Friday, 16 May 2014

Review : Bad Neighbours

Bad Neighbours : A couple with a new born baby soon face trouble when a group of fraternity students move in next door to them. It soon blows out of hand and The couple go to war with next door.

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Welcome to my latest update of film reviews, today I'm reviewing Bad Neighbours a melodramatic comedy starring Seth Rogen, Rose Bryne and Zack Efron. Nicholas Stoller directs, It's about a couple who are say both in their late thirties, early forties adjusting to family life, but still want to go out and feel free without the responsibility of a baby to worry about.

Anyway they live in a very suburban neighbourhood, everything does seem very nice and friendly or that's what your led to believe. It's when a group of fraternity students move in and break the peace of the neighbourhood with their load parties, It disturbs everything. Therefore The couple are forced to go to do everything they can to evict the fraternities from the neighbourhood and that as it turns out is not as easy thing to do as they thought.

I must say with everything that's gone on in this movie with the trailers, posters, clips, the actual film itself I did go into Bad Neighbours expecting not with high expectations I didn't wish it to be amazing, but better than This is the End. Because This is the End was basically having laughs with an end of the world background. When I saw the trailers for this I expected that this was going to be a Neighbourhood conflict obviously with the laughs and perhaps for the movie to be even more than just that.

I didn't feel that I got that, what I did get was something completely different. Two Neighbours who hate each other one side fighting for one thing, one for the other. You got the couple who want the students to move because of the noise and vibe from the parties, and the students particularly Zac Efron trying to create history or a legacy for himself, as if this means something to him.

I have to say that I felt a rough intention between Seth Rogen and Zac Efron it did get very intense and hyped up to 11 so the chemistry between their characters I found very intriguing and went along with them as they did this battle to find out who was going to win.

The jokes were good, some of them didn't make much sense, others were just mild humour, some crude humour in there, lots of sex references and drug use all of which are ingredients that this comedy needed to not make the film, but assist in the story telling.

I thought the film was really well directed and had a simple touch to it. It's not over experimental in the shot, it's just very simple in the still shots when nothings happening and in moments of tension and action the coin flips and you get gripped and interested in seconds.

There was a scene at the end where Seth Rogen spots Zac Efron louring people into a shop topless, and they catch up and he takes his top off. Now I didn't feel that there was any need to have that scene in there. I think it would of been better if that scene had been cut and saved for the deleted scenes for the DVD. Other than the odd nick pick or two. It was a very interesting film, in some cases grippingly tense and moderate I'm going to give it a 7/10.

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