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Review : Mean Girls

Mean Girls : Chick Flick Comedy starring Lindsay Lohan and Reachel McAdams. Basically Cady Heron and her family have moved from Africa, to start a new life. Cady is starting High School and doesn't quite know when to fit in, but she becomes a hit with the plastics the A-list girl clique at her new school, until she makes the mistake of falling for Aaron Samuels, the ex-boyfriend of alpha Plastic Regina George.

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In today's review I decided to go a bit different here and go  a little bit out of my comfort zone and try and review something a bit different, and well I have to say that Mean Girls isn't a film that's completely alien to me. I have seen it, and love it and can quote this film, not word for word. But I'm familiar with it enough to know the basics and the works of this film.

It's a chick flick about this over exaggerated girl war and how things can get way out of hand. When you watch this back you do sort of run with it, in terms of having a good time and not taking it so seriously, I think the basic designs of it is it's a film to have a laugh with, nice different, suttle and yet very exciting the backstabbing and the double crossing that goes on, things do get pretty intense.

It's also a film about friendship and knowing who your friends are, who to trust, who not to trust, who will bitch about you behind your back and how Cady a girl who isn't like that is so desperate and has such a desire to be liked she will go to such lengths to join in with the plastics mean games that she ends up becoming one of them and being as bad as them.

In terms of delivering the laughs and being funny. This film is very funny, I watched it back recently and wasn't surprised about how well it stands up in terms of how funny it actually still is. It's the same old jokes which have gotten repetitive over the amount of times I've watched it. But It's still good for a laugh, all the jokes just take the piss out of high school and is very suttle and mellow and fits in well with the plot.

Mark Waters who also directed the 2003 version of Freaky Friday with Lindsay Lohan did a great job at directing this film. His attitude and perseverance I think is to just enjoy what's being filmed and to have a happy cast, and keep your cool, deal with it slowly and get through each scene and that's one of the ways to do it. If you approach yourself in a manor of 'I can do this' I think you'll make a good film. Mark Waters is one of those directors. He may not be one of my favourite directors, but I admire his enthusiasm and passion in this project, because it can very easily go off the wall, but luckily it doesn't. It stays contained and is very controlled.

But if to be nit picky with this film, I would say that there are some quite misleading cheats and mistakes made in this film, which are quite easy to point out should you go back and scrutinise. And believe me, I have gone so low as to do that.

Some I can name are : 

  1. Regina’s handwriting in the Burn Book changes from shot to shot
  2. And when Prinicpal Duvall opens the 'Fugly Slut' page, the red writing isn't where it should be.
  3. When Miss Norbury is cleaning her shirt, the doughnuts go from being inside the box outside.
  4. And when Miss Norbury's shirt gets stuck to her sweater you can see the actresses left hand, lifting it up.
  5. When Cady comes back from the Halloween Party and scares Janice and Damien, Damien tosses his popcorn all over the place, yet in the next shot it's full again.
  6. None of the animals you see Cady in a picture with are actually are from Africa.
  7.  At the start of a phone conversation Ragina is half way through a doughnut, yet in the next shot the doughnut is only missing a small bite.
  8. The girls get soaked when Principal Duvall turns on the sprinklers, yet in the next shot when their in the gym they're all dry.

Nit Picks like that are what let the film down slightly, but I do still enjoy this film for what it is. A chick flick. 7/10.

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