Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Review : Avengers Assemble

Avengers Assemble : The Marvel Heroes unite to overcome a dark and powerful danger, which threatens New York. Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. assembles a team of superheroes to save the planet from Loki and his army.

Hello Film Lovers and welcome to another film review. In today's review I'm reviewing the Avengers Assemble one of the top 3 Box Office hits of 2012. The other two of course being The Dark Knight Rises and Skyfall.

So Avengers Assemble is a film in which all the MARVEL Character unite, all of which have the same motive. Stop Loki and his Army before he destroys the world. Now I'm not a full on MARVEL Fan, I haven't read all the comics, or as up to date with the stories as I used to be but what I can say is this is a long awaited, wanted film by fans and members of the public, they've been asking the question 'When is there going to Avengers Assemble' and low and behold the film finally was released.

Now there was a lot of hype going round at the time of release when this film came out, and quite rightly too because it was a much wanted and highly expensed film, I think all the critics knew that the bar would be raised now all the introductions have been done with all the heroes separately, now they can finally team up and join forces, and that's great to see all your pals teaming up and going on an adventure together. 

And it's not like any of them are under used or over used, they all have something to do in the film. All of which play their part well enough to entertain and please me till the film's end. So the acting, the acting in some cases is a bit secondary in comparison to The Dark Knight Rises.

I feel like some of the action is a bit animated in movement, for instance that moment where the Hulk, grabs Loki and bashes him about. It's noticeable that that has been digitally computerised, that's not whats the problem, the problem is that it's obvious to me what it is and therefore doesn't blow me away, I shrug it off and dismiss it. So some of the acting quality and the action is very animated and flimsy, to say the least.

The awesome and clever thing about this film, is the same thing as most MARVEL Films have been able to do these days is portray itself as a live action comic strip. I did get the impression that I was watching something truly, over exaggerated and over the top but all in it's own realm of the MARVEL Universe.

It was very interesting to watch, and actually have a perspective of whats so impressive about these films, with all the technology to do it. I know that just contradicts my previous comment, but it's true. On the exception that it's not too obvious, then it looks quite cheap.

I thought the story could of been done better, I felt perhaps a lot of the global threat to the world was missing and that things could of been added to raise the bar even higher and add a bit more of a challenge for our heroes. Maybe perhaps it was missing that last piece of the puzzle to give that extra something exciting and tense.

I thought the plot was easy to follow, wasn't too complicated that you didn't have to have watched other MARVEL Films in order to understand where he was coming from. It's all pretty clear, and its very co-hearent and just gives off nice little nods to the other MARVEL heroes in the film as it goes a long.

Over all, it's a very good production. Great Effects, Good Plot, Great Cast, Okay - ish Script. 7/10.

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