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Review : The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King

The Lord of the Rings - Return of the King : The epic conclusion to the trilogy, the end to end all ends in the tale of the one ring.

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I suppose I should rap things up with The Lord of the Rings, now that this is my last review on the trilogy. So Fellowship was about the beginning, Two Towers was about the middle so Return of the Kings must be about the end. Now the end is very important, because you don't want to rap things off and leave any untied knots inconclusive. In the case of 'Return of the King' It has its moments of trill and suspense as well its more suttle moments.

This is by a mile stone, My favourite of the trilogy because it has a quality to it that to me makes me believe I am watching a genuinely good film. It's a great trill ride, all the action in this film is brilliant. It raps everything up so smoothly and accordingly. There are hardly any loose ends and it just coagulates very frequently.

Obviously it suffers from similar problems as 'Two Towers' did, were at certain points during the film things tend to come to a stand still, not much happens in terms of adding to the drama, and there's quit aloof padding where the story doesn't go anywhere. More scenes of people talking and in deep discussion, and to me watching that it is quite dull and boring to watch. I don't want to be watching character having a serious chinwag. I want to see what Frodo, Sam and Gollum are doing.

And of course the interchanges between scenes were distracting, I didn't feel this film flowed as coheartly as it could of done. 'Fellowship' told a story and then started to build to the cliffhanger to 'Two Towers', and then 'Two Towers' carries on from where 'Fellowship' left off and I wasn't all that convinced by the passing of Two Towers or indeed Return of the King, one minute we're with Sam and Frodo the next scene it's Gandalf talking to someone. 
It's not disjointed I just feel perhaps like the different pieces of the film egist within their own scenes and its one after the other and the story tells itself like that. I'm not saying the directing is poor. I am saying that the passing of it and progression doesn't for me tell the story in a contiutive format.

But this film achieves drama the best, the suspence is there when it is there. All of the film is brilliantly directed by Peter Jackson and though I did think some bits of the film drag on a bit and don't add to the drama, everything does conclude itself really well. I thought it everything ended really well, obviously some people can complain saying that there are too many endings to the film, when looking at it from an obversive point of context there is only one ending, and it's a good one.

So the film does achive what it sets out to achieve and that is all about the ending. The ending is good therefore the film's motive is achieved. 9/10

Rounding things up The Lord of the Rings Trilogy gets - 24/30.

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