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Review : The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers

The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers : The mid point in the Lord of the Rings quest, Frodo and Sam have to continue their journey to Mordor whilst the others make their own separate journey elsewhere, all of which coagulate into the main plot which the first film gave us. As a continuation goes, The Two Towers does tend to stand out as the mediocre one of the trilogy.

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Welcome to my latest review of 'The Lord of the Rings' Trilogy. The Two Towers is the second of the three films. As sequels go I'm very skeptical with sequels and tend to question about wither or not the finished product will be any good, particularly as 'Fellowship' was a fair start to the trilogy. I approached this with not very high expectations If I'm being honest, because I didn't want any of my feelings for 'Fellowship' to be over looked by a good sequel, However I also thought that if Two Towers was bad then I would be very disappointed, that it didn't live up to the expectations of 'Fellowship'

In terms of the story telling, as I mentioned before 'Fellowship' I felt was all about setting up the basics and constructing a good start and was all about the beginnings. 'Two Towers' is all reaching a mid point and it's all about the middle. But the problem I think you find with the middle is that all of a sudden things tend to come to stand still. There's lots of unnecessary padding. In which the story doesn't really go anywhere. It just scretches to a halt and stops.

That for me is disappointing because I am very eagerly connected to the drama that is going on this movie, I think it achieves the sentimental value of good drama much better than 'Fellowship' and suddenly the action stops, and becomes a lot more suttle based. I mean there are lots and lots of scenes of people talking, in deep conversation and it just slows the story right down.

But the film does redeem itself, towards the end is where I think I'm best engaged with the story and where I really do want to find out what happens next, this film does end on a brilliant cliffhanger.

All of Frodo, Sam and Gollum's scenes were great. For me they were the best scenes in the film because I found them the most interesting. The idea of trust and how that trust is tested, something that will later go on to really be played on for 'Return of the King' I really like Gollum's character Andy Serkis plays him with to true perfection. The performance is near perfect, and it's just presence and how his impact is inflicted on Sam and Frodo as he comes in, all the scenes were brilliantly directed, well written and brilliantly performed.

I did think some of the interchanges between scenes were distracting, I didn't feel this film flowed better than 'Fellowship' did because 'Fellowship' told a story and then started to build to the cliffhanger to 'Two Towers', and then 'Two Towers' carries on from where 'Fellowship' left off and I wasn't all that convinced by the passing of it, one minute we're with Sam and Frodo the next scene it's Gandalf talking to someone. 

It's not disjointed I just feel perhaps like the different pieces of the film egist within their own scenes and its one after the other and the story tells itself like that. I'm not saying the directing is poor. I am saying that the passing of it and progression doesn't for me tell the story in a contiutive format. I don't feel it does that.

All the action sequences I thought were very impressive, the effect of having action sequences I think adds to the drama, tells the story in a dynamically dramatic way and it engages the audience much better because you got dramatic music to back up and add to what's going on the scene and believe me The Lord of the Rings trilogy really does achieve that brilliantly, using music and soundtrack to dynamically excite the audience into watching it. Moments of peril are really intense and grippingly tense.

So 'The Two Towers' is a very good middle part of the trilogy, and leaves things off to be picked up in 'The Return of the King' really well. Nice contitunity all round, 8/10.

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