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Review : Spongebob Squarepants

The Spongebob Squarepants Movie : Yes. That's correct, our beloved sponge who lives in a pineapple under the sea is going on an adventure with his best friend Patrick Star to retrieve King Neptune's crown which was stolen and taken to Shell City.

Hello Film Lovers

I hope you all had a good Bank Holiday weekend, today I will review a childhood favourite The Spongbob Squarepants movie. I love Spongebob, I think the comedy behind him and the relationship he has with his best friend Patrick, and stupid things they get into is always a joy to watch. It's playful childish comedy which children can understand and relate to in their everyday life.

Anyway that relationship is put to the test when Spongebob and Patrick, set off on an adventure to get a crown, save the town and Mr Krabbs from the fury of King Neptune. However there is an evil plot a foot. Plankton plans to control the population of the bikini bottom to obey him, its his ambitions on world domination finally getting somewhere. Because Plankton is a character that we all look down on anyway, and is seen as a easily undesirable character, he's not the best villain but he give it a good shot.

I think what makes The Spongebob Movie so funny, is that it is so daft, its very very daft. The jokes in this are completely off the wall. The plot is all over the place. The film is essentially a child's birthday party, where  food flies around everywhere, there's lots of fun and games, and light entertainment happening throughout, everyone has a jolly good laugh. You can laugh with it, and just go a long with the flow of it because it's one of those films, that is so daft you can't look beyond it any further then being completely ridiculous.

Having said that we do go on a kind of emotional rollar coaster for all of an hour and a half. Spongebob and Patrick really do bond on their time together on this journey is very up and down, they first get into trouble, next their laughing, next their in a near death situation. I mean their is a scene where their about to be dehydrated and you do think 'is this the end?' and of course it isn't. But for that moment you do start to think of the possibilities that it might be. That's what's important about it, to have the audience see how well these character work, because before you know it, they are gone.

David Hasselhoff pops in to guest star in this, which just adds more to the randomness of it, yet it so daft it works. It relates back to what I mentioned earlier about going with the flow in  order to maintain a balance of comedy, action, suspense, excitement factor, etc. Anyway Hasselhoff is only in it for a couple of minutes before the end, but his role turns out to be brief but important, for the sake of he gets Spongebob and Patrick from where they are to where they want to be. So that's Hasselhoff summed up.

I mean, I think the main fault can be the fact of the reason why I praise the film so much. It's a stupid film, your main characters daft, his friend's an idiot, they both get up to doing stupid things together in their spare time. So you can say it's dumb and dumber going on a road trip to unimaginable danger, they could be killed any minute by a monster or a get stepped on by a diver or be killed by hit man Dennis, who Plankton hires to make sure Spongebob and Patrick don't succeed in their mission. I mean 'Evil Plan Z' whoever rights this stuff is so imaginative, but you can't help but also cringe at it and say 'this is just so daft' on every possible level, it achieves a new level of stupid.

But if children like it, that's what is important. I was a child once. I loved this film, which is why the inner child in me now gives this film a 6/10.

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