Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Review : Attack the Block

Attack the Block : Joe Cornish's creature movie where a group of teens, bare arms to defend their block from a savage monstrous alien menace.

Hey Everyone

Welcome to my latest review, in today's update I will be talking about Joe Cornish's 'Attack the Block' a film I didn't expect to like so much as I do.

The story goes that a group of teens are out drinking on Fireworks night, and they come across a dead alien, It's finding this alien that is turning point in the film and all the intense action starts happening and it soon becomes a fight for survival as they try to stay alive, as they work their way up the tower block.

The base of the plot is great, the pace of it is very coherent and very much does a very good job at keeping the suspense going. It's part mickey take out of other films, part gag part serious, and the course of suspense all mix together to form one good solid movie.

I think what makes the film funny, is it's sort of mild humour which engages its laughs through both physicality and references to other films. Violence can be funny, in interpreted in the right light hearted way it's why slap stick works so well. It's more or less the case with this film, but with baseball bats and fireworks.

The film also achieves something raw and refreshing which implies it being anything other than 'another creature movie' in the sense that the aliens themselves are not like anything seen previous and they move like apes yet snarl and roar like tigers, have razor sharp teeth and claws to carry off a real menacing look.

And I think it's the case of the scenario's of this film is what I find most interesting. The fact that you got your setting - a tower block, your situation - alien invasion and your characters. With those three on your side your in for a strong performance.

And I really like the script, the script and the dialogue is all very fluent to it's present day elaborate setting and the lighten of the mood is very much there and all the raw basic stuff, what is missing however is the lack of concentrational balance which isn't too much of a problem, because the film starts off well, mellows down in the middle and redeems itself at the end with a overall big bang conclusion.

Overall, really good film indeed. 7/10

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