Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Review : Up


Up, Up and Away. Pixar presents a new feature length presentation and tells another memorable and well loved story. This is story is that of a man who is old and lives on his own in his accommodated house, his wife has passed away and has an idea to pursue a dream that he and his wife had of making it to a place called 'Paradise Falls'. The man devises a magnificent invention of several million balloons floating above his house which in turn lift his house off the ground and he flies his own house. It's a genius idea.

Hello Everyone

Welcome to my latest film review for this month, which is UP Pixar film from 2009. Up is one of the films which has entered people hearts and it's a public pleaser and people love it. And for very good reasons, it's funny, its adventurous, its emotional (I do know people who have cried watching this film) It's dynamic in terms of it's ideas. I mean the floating house being one of them, the dogs with the technological advanced collar on it, that's a cool idea. So already there are lots of refreshing concepts and raw ideas in Up and I haven't even begun to talk about the film yet.

The film is an emotional rollar coaster, one minute its nice and jolly and happy the next moment its very sad. It's not a bad thing, it's just the way it tells the story. The sentimental moments I think are what makes the film stand out the most, obviously there a bits for families and it is family friendly. But it's those clever brains at Pixar who glue all the pieces together to tell a story. Because that's what Pixar does, it tells many stories and is company that has never had one continental flop, ever. In it's whole entirety it's been set up. Not one flop.

So I thought the story telling was excellent, the story itself doesn't do much for me personally. I would like the story more meaning and more exciting but the pacing of it and the actual effort that went into telling a sentimental, comical and adventurous story is why I'd admire it so much. The characters are well constructed I don't mind them or them interacting in the story. The environment is brilliantly devised, relates back to what I said earlier about Pixar's attention to detail. The jungle is a wonderful set, very colourful and yet at the same time vast and mysterious, and quite authentic with the correct lighting sometimes its there, other times it isn't.

Then you got your thrill of adventure which of course you get the structure of a jam roly poly. In a nutshell all very good, action is there when it needs to be and there's fault in the timing. When you get a thrilling in this film, you feel it. That's what is so good about UP whatever emotion is delivered : sad, happy, jolly, adventure, thrill ect. You Feel it and that adds an empowering motion to the viewer. Not many films these days can do that.

So not much to correct with Up, because there is not much wrong with it. I would say that it gets an 8/10. It's very good, very sentimental and good range of mixed emotion. However the actual story doesn't really do a lot for me.

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