Friday, 6 June 2014

Review : The Change Up

The Change Up : Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman star together, one the free way man who's got all this free time on his hands. The other a family man dedicated to his wife and family and one day they switch body so the other one has each others lives.

Hey Everyone.

Welcome to my latest film update, which The Change Up. A Sitcom starring Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds. Who change places which therefore causes, drastic measures.

This film is a situation comedy, short on situation and indeed comedy, So the story is Jason Bateman is a family man, who is dedicated to his wife, children and job, he's a go getter works hard everyday and yet complains not to have it all, and reminisces in the free time he no longer has. Then you got Ryan Reynolds who is a free way man who has all the free time in the world. So what if they switched bodies and so one has gets an incite into the others life... this totally does not copy off Freaky Friday in the slightest.

The writers from The Hangover present a half asked production it has to be said, in terms of deliverance to the script, the weight of it and carrying the comedy and the drama and the situation is just all over the place. One minute the films really happy, then its sad and very serious and then it's all laughs and giggles. It's a jam packed emotional rollar coaster ride.

It basically says 'Hey. Jason Bateman is being a Ryan Reynolds being a jack ass, and Ryan Reynolds being Jason Batemen being less of a jack ass.' In the 'Change Up' And you know there is a saying where you have to judge films on their own merit? Judge them on their own terms, whatever their selling out to be, people always say that critics are such party poopers, and will make anything up for good press attention, and that it all adds up to saying 'some films are just fun, and some films are just action and quality' so deal with it. 

Well, that is not always the case. There is a difference between a good comedy film and a bad comedy film, In the case of something like 'Ted' it's all right. Seth McFarlane humour, duo of a guy and his teddy bear and the hilarious things they get up to. Which is all fine, then you got something like 'The Change Up' with these two guys. Their chalk and cheese, etc we know how these rifts work.

And it is perfectly possible to watch them and be entertained by them, and it also possible to say 'that's neither enjoyable or funny'. And the problem with this film is, it's 112 minutes of dire tripe which doesn't do either of those things. It tries too hard to be funny, there are some scenes which are very uncomfortable to watch.

Overall, Insufficient laughter, Insufficient situations, Insufficient engagement with the audience not much explanation to the what or why the two men changed places. It doesn't back itself up. So Yeah... Not good in many ways. 3/10

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