Sunday, 15 June 2014

Review : Night at the Museum

Night at the Museum : It stars Ben Stiller as a night watchman who's job is to work the graveyard shift at a museum. But strangely there are some wonderful and slightly mysterious events which happen at night. Everything in the Museum magically comes to life.

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Next on the list for my film reviews for this month is 'Night at the Museum' a family film set in a Museum and what makes this Museum different is everything in it comes to life,but only at night. The title is very adequate to the purposes of what the plot has to offer.

I think for me, it's very easy to shrug  this one off and mistake for being a pretty duff film, not going to be much good and simply just shrug it off and rather not bother with it, and it's a film which I think hasn't got the best deserved positive attention. You do have to be in the right frame of mind to want to enjoy this film, but that's just a usual perspective when trying out a different form of diversity.

It's a shame because all the ideas for this film are very good indeed. It's well constructed and well thought out. I just can't put my finger on why I fail to enjoy it as much as I should. Perhaps it maybe because of the pacing of it or perhaps it's just doesn't work for me in terms of deliverance. I don't know but for some explained reason there is very much an over minded amount of Insufficient laughter, Insufficient situations, Insufficient action and lack of engagement with the audience. That of course could relate to the pacing of it.

The actual premise is promising, which is why I'm in a torn about situation because I do like the concepts behind it and I do like the technicalities and style of the way it is directed. The story is really good, as I said before well constructed and very well thought out. But then you have to deliver the laughs and actually entertain your audience, that I think is were the story gets all over the place, because you have your moments of lighthearted drama, then comedy, then things come to a stand still for a good long while before you get the climatic action strategy in the end. It's confuses me because this film has the ingredients for a good film, the concepts there, but it's presented in a very badly executed way.

Ben Stiller, does good with what he has. He's been in some duff movies, and it has to be said there are times when me and Ben Stiller don't connect well in what his acting has to offer and obviously Ben is known for light hearted comedy such as this. I think is certainly one of his better films that he's done. It's not one of Ben Stiller's greatest films. But it's also not one of his worst.

The Actual set up of the Museum is very impressive, the dynamics of the editing are all very coherent. The best effects which cause the best impact on the audience are the ones which stand out like the reconstructed dinosaur made out of dinosaur bones, it moves and looks very authentically and just adds to the realisation of what is being seen on screen in relation to real life. The only difference is the film is fictional.

So 'Night of the Museum' is a bit of a topsy turvy film, and at the end it's all wham bam thank ya mam! 5/10

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