Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Review : Monsters Inc

  Monsters Inc - Have you ever wondered after you get tucked up in bed at night, about the Monsters that may possibly be hiding in your cupboard? Of you don't because there are no such thing as Monsters. It's just a child conspiracy that there is a Monster there that's going to jump out and scare you. In the realms of Monsters Inc however It's nothing personal. It's just a job.

Hey Everyone.

Welcome to my latest update in film reviews. Yesterday I reviewed 'Up' today I'm reviewing 'Monsters Inc' another Pixar film which has entered our hearts as being a classic. Personally... I think the film is rubbish... no I'm just joking, It's very good.

The idea was really strong and original. The raw basics and sciences behind it were very playable to diverse between Monsters hiding in the cupboard and the actual Monster world itself. The actual Monster world itself is no different to any background of a normal world. It's actually similar to our world, the Monsters act very civilized and friendly towards one another and there are playable comedic elements.

Into that you got Mike and Sully your main characters, which interact for 95% of the film and need the most animation done to them. The expression and features that went into these two characters are both really authentic and impressive when watching them incorporated in a scene. I mean Sully's fur for example, the attention to detail is amazing. Which just goes to show, the digital design and the concept artists were fantastic. All the step by step story boarding for this is just the same as Up although I think Monsters Inc is better than Up, because as much as like Up. Monsters Inc dares to stretch ones imagination a bit more further to the extreme.

The story, there's not much to it. Sully and Mike are good at their job, their presented with a problem, there's a conspircy and plot happening in the factory they work at and the rest of the film is about the two of them trying in their best efforts to fix the problem.

Though I must say that even though there is much to the story, the way it is told and all the effort that went into is, is why I admire it so much. It's a very playful melodramtic family comedy and audiences can recognise it as a comedy and PIXAR are playing on the laughs and sometimes the laughs are there, sometimes their not. John Goodman and Billy Crystal play their characters Mike and Sully to near perfection really put a voice to the character and make it come to life, with exceptional talent.

I mean John Goodman's sentimentality in moments where Sully is Sad, Happy, Angry or Arrogant you feel it. Personally I prefer Sully at his most sentimental moments because Sully starts off in this film quite a cocky character and a perfectionist but still a nice guy, then he meets Boo and he get attached to her and I think by the end, Sully doesn't want to let her go. He would keep her with him, if he could, but he can't, that's what's upsetting for him. John Goodman does a great job with that at showing feeling to character. I think if another actor had done it would of been different. not better, but different.

So summerising this film basically it's one of my top 3 PIXAR films ever. It's an idea from Pete Doctor that is relateable to children who think there are monsters living under the bed or in the cupboard. 8/10.

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