Saturday, 14 June 2014

Review : The Zoo Keeper

Zoo Keeper : Kevin James interacts and talks to the animals and they talk to him and overall consensus of this is he helped them. Now they communicate with him and want to help him, as a way of saying Thank You.

Hey Everyone

Welcome to my newest review which is The Zoo Keeper. Going into detail, there is not much to go by other than the fact you know your going into a family film with a certificate PG. It's an all roundabout movie which is good for children and adults and blends in quite well in making it anything no less complex than that.

It is a very interesting film, based on the fact that I was blind going into this film. I watched it, thought it wasn't too bad considering that this a very underrated movie. I think it doesn't do too badly, It may not stand up so well in delivering the laughs, but I can see how it tries to be funny.

Obviously some of the gags could of been a lot more off the wall, and over exaggerated but I'm glad that all of the gags are suttle and much more contained. It could of been something a lot more catastrophic. The film itself, I understand as I think it tries to be a warm family film that relates to both children and adults. I think it does that quite well.

I can't say much for the acting, the acting I think is very mediocre when coming into a film where it's a comedy, not only a comedy but a family comedy you'd expect things to be bit faint and lighthearted and the lightheartedness of it. I didn't feel I was seeing any enthusiasm from any member of the main cast in it. The moments of true ident are none.

I think the problem that some people have with this film is that they don't realize that it is actually funny. I think if you want to enjoy the film. You have to be more laid back and more calm to just enjoy the ride. Some sparks of comedy and fun but largely a flat and unrewarding comedy. 5/10

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