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Review : Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie

Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie : The Story goes that Mrs Brown owns a fruit and veg stall which she has inherited from her mother who inherited from her mother and her mother before her, It's a family business and Mrs Brown gets into trouble with taxes she is due. As if that wasn't bad enough A company wants to shut down Mrs Brown's Stall. In the words of Mrs Brown herself "They can feck off."

Hi Everyone

Welcome to my latest update which is Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie which has opened in cinema's today. I went to go and see it this afternoon. From all the hype and excitement I gathered from all the publicity stuff like posters and interactive trailers and actual trailers. I was really looking forward to watching this film.

The film is very Irish, as if you didn't know that already. It relates to a lot of Irish culture and the Irish lifestyle, they swear all the time 'feck this' and 'feck that'. Mrs Brown herself is a fantastic character brought to life by Brendon O Carroll who in himself is very Irish, grew up in an Irish background and who very recently was on the Graham Norton show talking about this film and going into the detail of his up bringing and his mother.

I really enjoy the TV Series, its very very funny and the scripts are just fantastic. I do laugh a lot when watching Mrs Brown not only because the material is original and naturally intentionally funny, but partly because I do find Irish accents funny. So having watched the TV Series, going into the film. I thought that the film was more sentimental than it was funny.

It was a bit like 'Philomena' in a way, as there is backdrop to Mrs Brown's character, when her husband died she had to give up her children and put them into care and there's a lovely sentimental bit on a bridge where she's talking to Kathy and she's feeling disappointed in herself, it allows the viewer to step back a little and just embrace whats happening just for a bit, of course it's there to make people go 'aww' but this of course relates to a lot of Irish women who have had to give up their children because they were widows and couldn't cope. So there a lot of Irish connections in the film.

Of course the laughs are there, but I didn't really laugh at all during this film. Because as I say I think it was more sentimental than it was funny, But there are some great funny bits in the film for instance there is a bit where Mrs Brown and Winnie are in the distribution centre and they are trying to get this receipt, and they have to go back as if it was an intentional out take which made it into the film, and this happens twice in the film. Some cases the actors just put each other off and they mess up their lines, but it's done so effortlessly that you just run with it. You don't question Mrs Brown's Boys, you just go with it, That's the joy of it's comedy. Of course there are moments of dry comedy, that in turn makes the film melodramatic ie. sometimes the laughs are there, sometimes there not.

At the end of it all the underlined message was 'all things work out in  the end'. I wasn't all that happy with the ending, to me it was just dropped on 'bom, the end' I thought 'oh, is that it' as if I was expecting more. Though I think this film does shy away from its laughs and isn't as energetic or as fun as the TV Series, it achieves it's drama really well and there's some awesome action. Some characters were under used like Fiona O Carroll as Maria. Maria I think is a very underused character anyway, and she doesn't do much in the TV Series, I had hoped she get a better part in the film because there's a lot more scene time, but no. Maria doesn't do much in this film either.

Overall I liked the film, it was good fun. not hardly funny yet surprisingly very sentimental. 8/10.

That's it from me for a while. Have a wonderful summer everybody I will see you again when I come back in the Autumn. Until then bye bye!

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