Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Review : Point Break

An FBI agent goes undercover to catch a gang of bank robbers who may be surfers.

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In today's brief update, I want to talk about Point Break. It's a thrillingly entertaining cop crime drama whatever you want to prolong it to be. About a group bank robbers who may be suffers, a group of guys who do what they do, for the thrill factor and its about the adrenaline rush that's the outlined message behind the concept of the bad guys in this, although the bad guys in the film are not really evil. They just do what they do because they get a good kick out of it.

It's very easy to misjudge this film by saying 'Oh yeah, Keanu Reeves is the good guy and some bad guys are doing bad things, there dressing up as former presidents by wearing creepy masks but no one knows who they are or why the do what they do. They are the bad guys, Keanu Reeves is going to catch them and save the day'.

When watching it, I find it's not like that, it's very easy to mistake this as an extended episode of CSI or some cliche US Crime TV Series, when it's not like that. If anything the film goes to prove to move beyond the boundaries more complex than that. For instance, the budget is bigger for a start, there is more time to do things, its got big stars like Keanu Reeves,  Patrick Swayze and Gary Busey. In actual fact though the scale of it accidemic wise is good, that doesn't mean to say that the presentation of Point Break is sleezy. 

Far from it in fact, there is a scene where Keanu Reeves is attacked with a lawn mower and he is on the brink of having is face slashed by the blades of this lawn mower, It's a really intense scene to watch but you watch it thinking 'oh my god' so the shock factor and the wow factor fades in and out throughout the course of the film, and is there when it needs to be in the case of presenting the main star or one of the main stars in a moment of pure peril and jeopardy so I was very impressed by that.

The final moments are what seal the deal for me with this film. Because it is the last scene that's so contempartly shot and the sentimental value of what you get from it is just extraordinary. I won't spoil it for those reading who haven't scene, what I will say is there's lots to anticipate, there's always things to watch out for in the film, even if its the tiniest detail and it's a proper thriller with cops and car chases and everything a raw crime drama needs.  I won't argue that it is a no holds barred, adrenalin fuelled thrill ride but there's no way you could perpetrate the amount of carnage presented and mayhem and not incur a considerable amount of paperwork. So my hands are tied. 8/10.

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